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Calculus and solid geometry


the first seven chapters of this concise text provide an exposition of the basic topics of solid analytic geometry and comprise the material for a one-semester course on the subject for undergraduate mathematics majors. The remaining two chapters offer additional material for longer courses or supplementary study.
Chapters 1 and 2 contain a treatment of the equations of lines and planes. Subsequent chapters offer an exposition of classical elementary surface and curve theory, a treatment of spheres, and an examination of the classical descriptions of quadric surfaces in standard position. An exploration of the theory of matrices follows, with applications to the three-dimensional case of quadric surfaces. The text concludes with a survey of spherical coordinates and elements of projective geometry.

This book is to impart analytical ability in solving mathematical problems as applied to the respective
branches of Engineering.
Instructional objectives:
To have knowledge in multiple integrals
To improve their ability in Vector calculus
To equip themselves familiar with Laplace transform
To expose to the concept of Analytical function
To familiarize with Complex integration




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