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A Textbook of Thermal Engineering by R.S. Khurmi


Thermal Engineering is a study of energy transport particularly in nanoscale structure to obtain knowledge and understanding of the scientific effects on physical world that can engineering discoveries in industrial energy applications

About the Author

R.S Khurmi: He was born on 29 Aug 1939 in Sunam, a small town in Punjab. He completed his schooling in Sunam and then he completed his professional studies from Phagwara and Delhi. He started his career in Punjab Irrigation Department as an Engineer. After guidance from Professor Das of Chandigarh Engineering College, Dr. Khurmi came to Delhi and took up Teaching and Writing Engineering Text Books as a full time career. He had a great respect for his Guru Shri B.L. Theraja, who introduced him to S. Chand and Company. His books got a good market, not only in India but also abroad.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Properties of Perfect Gases
3. Thermodynamic Processes of Perfect Gases
4. Entropy of Perfect Gases
5. Thermodynamic Air Cycles
6. Formation and Properties of Steam
7. Entropy of Steam
8. Thermodynamic Processes of Vapour
9. Thermodynamic Vapour Cycles
10. Fuels
11. Combustion of Fuels
12. Steam Boilers
13. Boiler Mountings and Accessories
14. Performance of Steam Boilers
15. Boiler Draught
16. Simple Steam Engines
17. Compound Steam Engines
18. Performance of Steam Engines
19. Steam Condensers
20. Steam Nozzles
21. Impulse Turbines
22. Reaction Turbines
23. Performance of Steam Turbines
24. Modern Steam Turbines
25. Internal Combustion Engines
26. Testing of Internal Combustion Engines
27. Reciprocating Air Compressors
28. Air Motors l Gas Turbines
29. Performance of Gas Turbines
30. Introduction to Heat Transfer, Air Refrigeration Systems
31. Vapour Compression Refrigeration, Psychometry Air Conditioning Systems
32. General Thermodynamic Relation
33. Variable Specific Heat
34. Index




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